Who Am I?

My name is Kimberly Pugliano (the "G" is silent). I am a life-long resident of the Conejo Valley and I have lived with kitties, pups and the occasional hamster my entire life. I have been walking dogs ranging in size from a toy poodle to a Bernese Mountain dog for 40 years.  In addition to walking, I have been caring for pets professionally including a pig, a tortoise, birds and even a HORSE for over two years now.

I am licensed by the City of Thousand Oaks, and I am bonded and insured through Pet Sitters Associates.

This is my son Noah James, my husband Joe and me!


It is my philosophy that a dog will set his own pace, letting you know if he's a stroll-and-sniffer or let's-get-moving type of pup, and it's my job to make him happy. That being said, it's possible you want someone to urge your pup to get moving more. I have plenty of experience in that as well.




Some dogs (and cats) just want a visit to their home for some love while their parents aren't home. Some just need food, water, medication or poop clean-up. What if you are going out of town and need someone to stay overnight with your babies? I can provide all of that.  

In addition, I can take your pet to the groomer or the vet if you need, providing you (and the vet) with all of the information required for the visit.


This is our 1st pup, Allie. 

She's a lab-pit.

This is our 2nd pup, Luke.

He's a chiweenie.

Ren is the newest member of our family, coming to us in May of 2019 at the age of 8 weeks old.


She's a sweet, funny, rambunctious Calico.

This is Snickers, our gray kitty.  Sadly, we recently lost her to a fatal tumor. We were lucky enough to love her for 11 years.

Digitally altered photo by Brianne Nichole.  Click the box below Ren's photo for a link to Brianne's site!

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